Book a place on the course

Pay a £30 deposit using PayPal or bank card
The balance of £190 is paid the week before we start the course

The course costs £220

Contact me, Louise, on 07746 104 551 

I will ask you to:

Pay a £30 deposit to book your place on the course, once paid:

  • I will keep one of the limited places for you

  • I will post you the course information pack

  • I will ask you to pay the balance of £190 the week before the course starts

The next course starts on:
Monday 27th June 2022

Future course date:
8th August 2022

The six days of the August course are:

Monday 8th August, Tuesday 9th August, Wednesday 10th August, 

Monday 15th August, Tuesday 16th August, Wednesday 17th August

We start each day at 10.00

We finish at 1.20

Pay the Balance
pay the £190 balance of the course fees using PayPal or bank card
Pay for the Course in Full
Pay the full cost of the course: £220 using PayPal or bank card