Book a Place

Pay a £30 deposit using PayPal or bank card
The balance of £190 is paid the week before we start the course

The course costs £220

Contact me, Louise, on 07746 104 551 

I will ask you to:

Pay a £30 deposit to book your place on the course, once paid:

  • I will keep one of the limited places for you

  • I will post you the course information pack

  • I will ask you to pay the balance of £190 the week before the course starts

The next course starts on:
Monday 21st February 2022

Future course date:
Monday 4th April 2022

The six days of the April course are:

Monday 4th April, Tuesday 5th April, Wednesday 6th April, 

Monday 11th April, Tuesday 12th April, Wednesday 13th April

We start each day at 10.00

We finish at 1.20