The Course

an 18+ hour intensive training course for the Life in the UK test

taught LIVE Online

Course Details

Course Days

The course is for 6 days

The 6 days are over 2 weeks:

Week 1

Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Week 2

Monday Tuesday Wednesday

We start at 10.00

We finish at 1.20

Course Information Pack

Once you have booked a place on the course, I will post you a course information pack which includes:

  • a simplified version of the official handbook

  • homework questions 

Cost of the Course

The course costs £220

  • To book a place and receive the course information pack you pay a £30 deposit

  • The balance of £190 is then paid the week before the course starts

On the Course

  • I talk you through the official handbook (it's what the questions in the test are based on!) and I simplify and explain the information.

  • We practice HUNDREDS of questions together - as we go through the book, we stop at the end of each section and practice questions on what we have just learnt.

  • I share my screen with you - as we work you will be able to see lots of pictures, words and questions to help you understand and remember what you are learning.

  • I make it INTERESTING! Students often worry about the history chapter - but on my course many students tell me they have found the history enjoyable and interesting.

  • You will learn the important DATES - many students worry about learning dates from the book, in fact, there are not many dates you need to learn, and I make sure you learn the important ones.

  • You will be very well prepared - by the end of the course you will be well prepared and ready to take the test. I advise students to book the test for a date shortly after the course finishes, I do not want you to wait and forget what you have learnt.