Life in the UK test

  • Click on the link to book your test through the government website.

  • You'll take the test at a government test centre.

  • Choose a date close to the end of the course - I advise taking the test shortly after we finish, don't wait and forget all you've learnt!

The Official Handbook

Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents 3rd Edition

  • The Life in the UK test is a multiple choice test

  • You will sit at a computer to take the test

  • To pass the Life in the UK test you need to get at least 18 of the 24 questions right

  • Each person taking the test will get a different set of questions

  • The questions in the test are based on information in the official handbook

  • On the course we study the official handbook - I simplify and explain if for you 

  • On the course we practise hundreds of questions together on the information you're learning

The Test

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