A  fast track training course for the
Life in the UK Test

Join me LIVE for lessons on Online

The course is for 6 days

The next course starts on
Monday 8th August 2022

Week 1
Monday 26th September
Tuesday 27th September
Wednesday 28th September

Week 2

Monday 3rd October
Tuesday 4th October
Wednesday 5th October

We start each day at 10.00
We finish at 1.20

The course costs £220

What Do I Teach?

A fast track training course for the Life in the UK test

I advise students to book their test for a date shortly after we finish the course - don't wait and forget what you've learnt!

a classs from 2019.jpg

A class from before I moved the course online.

The course works really well online and continues to achieve a very high pass rate

Why Choose My Course?

My course trains you to pass first time

Over the last year,100% of my students with English at B1 or above have passed the test after taking my course

Most of my students are able to answer all 24 of the 24 questions in the test

I make learning the information from the official handbook interesting

I post you a course information pack in advance which includes a simplified version of the official handbook and homework questions

My lessons are well structured

I make sure you learn the important dates that students worry about learning

I concentrate on helping you to understand the information as well as practising hundreds of questions

100% of my Google reviews are 5 star 

(there is one for 4 stars, but the person who left the review was reviewing the wrong course!)

The Course

We study together live online for 18+ hours over 6 days

Understanding: I take you through the official handbook, simplifying and explaining the information

Practise: at the end of each section of the book we practise lots of questions together on the information we've just learnt

Key information: as we go through the book I highlight what you might be asked on a particular piece of information

Key dates: as we go through the book I make sure you learn the important dates to learn for the test

Share my screen: I share my screen with you so you can see my PowerPoint with words and pictures and questions to help you understand and remember what you are learning

Any Questions?: as we work together, if there is anything you don't understand you can ask me questions!


Two days after the course finished, they had all passed the test!


Please have a look at my many 5 star

Google business reviews

"Louise was amazing! Everything was very clear and very professional!
The test was very straightforward and passed at the first time! I would totally recommend!
5 starts! Many thanks Louise X"

Mafalda Brandao