When you pass the Life in the UK test - what happens next?

In the past you would have been given a certificate - but not any more. Instead you’ll get a ‘unique reference number’. You’ll need this number to complete your citizenship or settlement application. The Home Office will use it to check that you’ve passed.

When you pass the test, they don’t tell you how many questions you got right – but most of my students tell me they are able to answer all 24 of the 24 questions in the test.

If you fail the test (very unlikely if you join my course!) you will get a letter telling you how many questions from each chapter of the official book you got wrong.

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You book the Life in the UK test through the government website, and you take the test at a government test centre. When you search, do make sure that you go to the government website https://www.gov.

You, or someone you know, may be worried about reading the questions on screen in the life in the UK test - some of the students on my course have been in the same situation; my advice is to contact t